Barton arcade

If you venture onto St. Ann’s square and look down one of the side streets you will find the beautiful Barton Arcade. Barton Arcade was built in 1871 by the company Corbett, Raby and Sawyer. Throughout the arcade you will find mahogany handrails, intricate iron work and two large glass domes which allow light to flood […]

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Manchester’s own drink

On Granby Row in central Manchester you will find a large bottle of Vimto adorned with the fruits which give the drink its distinctive taste, this particular bottle is not filled with cordial because it is in fact made from an Oak tree! Artist Kerry Morrison carved this piece named “A monument to Vimto” in […]

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The Bees of Manchester

If you have visited Manchester then I am sure you will have spotted a few bees dotted around city and if you are from Manchester I’m sure you know someone with a Manchester bee tattoo! These bees are everywhere, I’ve seen them: decorating the floor of the town hall emblazoned on the bins on some […]

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Made in Manchester 

As a Manchester girl and museum pro I felt that, despite the excellent number of museums in Manchester which tell facets of the city’s past, none of them quite told the whole story of Manchester. For this reason I present to you the Museum of Manchester blog! Here I hope to share objects, stories and […]

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