Manchester’s own drink

On Granby Row in central Manchester you will find a large bottle of Vimto adorned with the fruits which give the drink its distinctive taste, this particular bottle is not filled with cordial because it is in fact made from an Oak tree! Artist Kerry Morrison carved this piece named “A monument to Vimto” in 1992, after this in 2011 the monument was given a lively paint job to add some colour. It was placed on this site imparticular because it is the original site on which Vimto was first manufactured.

Back in 1908 when production began in a terraced house on Granby Row the drink, then named Vim Tonic, was marketed as a health tonic until 1913 when Blackburn born founder John Noel Nichols (usually know as Noel) got the drink registered as a cordial. As time went by and popularity increased the production of Vimto moved around the Greater Manchester area to Salford ,Old Trafford and Wythenshawe.

Although Vimto is wildly popular in the north of England it also has a vast foreign market. People from all corners of the earth enjoy the fruity Mancunian drink! Unfortunately, the Vimto monument is something I only tend to see when I am on the train but it is great to look out for to remind me that I’m almost home!

Next time you’re in the city see if you can find this unusual monument on your adventures and if you’ve never tried Vimto yourself I would strongly recommend it, you won’t regret it!


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