Barton arcade

If you venture onto St. Ann’s square and look down one of the side streets you will find the beautiful Barton Arcade. Barton Arcade was built in 1871 by the company Corbett, Raby and Sawyer. Throughout the arcade you will find mahogany handrails, intricate iron work and two large glass domes which allow light to flood the four storeys of the building.

Barton Arcade was the first building to be erected on the newly widened Deansgate before this in 1869 all buildings on the east side of the road had been demolished. After it was built the arcade was used for a number of purposes, one of which was meetings. In 1908 a group of Catholic professionals met here to establish the Catenian Association, a Catholic organisation aiming to provide support to one another.

In 1972 the arcade became a grade 2 listed building after this in 1980 the building was refurbished and restored, however this led to the loss of the original shop fronts and unique flooring design. Today the building is home to various cafes, shops and restaurants such as Pot Kettle Black, Lunya and Barber Barber. The arcade even boasts an attic apartment which was reportedly available to rent for £3250 a month!


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